Full Moon Faves!!! 🌕

Its almost the end of August and we have had an exciting month for the product launch of our brand new 'Countess' ring!!

Rule your own coven crypt with the Countess ring!

This ring seriously invokes your inner vamp with its gothic cathedral detailing, triquetra symbol and double arched bands! 

Pair and match with our other Trickery jewels for a complete set 👌

Full set of Trickery jewels in black! Charge your crystals with the help of our jewels!

Embrace, Phase, Countess and Coven rings

We have our fave Tricksters below! Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see daily #witchy posts.

Mary De Lis is an urban vamp with her Immortal pendant and Huntress ring

Urban vamp Mary De Lis wearing the Immortal pendant and Huntress ring

Obsidian Kerttu is a dark queen with her Luna pendant in black

Dark queen Obsidian Kerttu slaying with her Luna pendant

Nugoth witch Mellifere is slaying with her white streaked hair and Trickery rings!

Nugoth witch Mellifere ruling with her Huntress, Phase, Coven and Embrace ring

Enchantress and makeup slayer Lurid Fox wears her Huntress ring in silver!

Enchantress Lurid Foxx bewitching us with her Huntress ring

Demoness beauty La Esmeralda pairs up her Witchcraft pendant and Coven ring with R+W jewels!

Demoness beauty La Esmeralda wearing her Witchcraft pendant and Coven ring


Our giveaway collaboration with Gothic and Amazing Magazine ends on the 31st of August. Enter to win our Witchcraft pendant in black at Gothic and Amazing's Facebook and Instagram!!!

Absentia Veil slays the Witchcraft pendant as a headdress! Gothic and Amazing competition ends soon!

Ghostly witch Absentia Veil wearing the Witchcraft pendant in black! 



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