How do we do it?

Posted on February 20 2018

We often get questions about our business and our products, and we aim to be completely transparent when it comes to our methods. A lot goes into designing and creating one item, and the process often takes several months especially as we are a very small team and with one 'lead' designer.

First, lets start with our inspiration. We love all things spooky, fantastical and dark in nature. We find an abundance of inspiration deriving from Goth and alternative communities, music, literature and paganism. 

Once we have a concept, an initial sketch is made which will continue to be worked into a more developed artwork. For our process example, we will use our very popular design of the 'Noctem' pendant.

Names for designs usually come first, it gives us a better understanding of the "story" or concept of the item before designing. Noctem was inspired by the phrase "Carpe Noctem" (seize the night) opposing the traditional phrase "Carpe Diem" (seize the day). It was also inspired by Bram Stoker's Dracula and the infamous quote "Children of the night...What music they make".

Noctem Initial Sketch

Initial sketch | Noctem Pendant

This particular pendant took over a year to create. While overall the concept was simple, there were many complications in it's creation as we wanted it to be a very detailed piece, especially in the face of the bat.

One of the most important aspects of designing jewellery, is the functionality of the item. Will it sit straight? How will things be balanced? How strong will it be?

For Noctem, we needed to make sure that the drop jewel will be sturdy and the legs + chain strong enough to be able to swing the jewel around without breaking when the pendant is worn. We want top quality products so making sure nothing would break easily is very important to us. This is one of the reasons that we use high grade stainless steel for our jewellery.

Once we are happy with the sketch, we move on to our 3D modeling. Here we usually see if any problems will arise in its creation. For Noctem, we realised that for the pendant to be balanced, it would need to curve from its wings outwards which we did in a way to make sure that it looked flat from the front. It was intended to be a large pendant, and so we needed to make sure that the design would distribute metal evenly to ensure that it would not be too heavy to wear. Our 3D modeler did an amazing job of including as much detail from the initial sketch as possible and we continued to make subtle adjustments until we are happy to create a sample.

3D Model of Noctem

3D Model | Noctem Pendant

This entire process is often repeated again and again, making adjustments until we are completely happy with the end result. We will also test how the design looks in both silver and black, as we need to make sure that it suits both perfectly.

Once we have approved of the sample, we wear it for a few weeks to ensure that it holds up to our expectations, if it has we continue with the final product and prepare it for launch.

Final Product of Noctem

Final product | Noctem Pendant (in black).

And there you have it! Our simple step-by-step guide for designing and creating our products. If ever you have any more questions, contact us via. our contact page on our website and we'll be happy to answer them.

To summon your own Noctem Pendant, view it here:

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