Need a bite to eat?

We are in awe of the many amazing and talented people creating jaw dropping black and goth inspired food.

There's just something mesmerizing about black food that speaks to our dark souls! Take a look at the beautiful creations below.

Goth cocktails and black pasta, gorgeous black dinner inspo

Black macrons for your dark soul!

By Catch My Party

Black ice cream cone to drool over!

Black ice cream makin' us drool 

Adorable black ice cream in a waffle bowl.

Vampire fangs, coffins and bat cookies!

How adorable are these vamp inspired cookies + cake?

Vampire coffin cake with bat dusting!

These cakes are to die for!

Gothic carousal cake with pinstripe black and white goodness!

By Sweet Lake Cakes


Gorgeous cake inspired by Penny dreadful!

Penny Dreadful Cake Collaboration, by Veronique de Groot

We don't own any of these photographs + creations and they belong to their respective creators. If we have not indicated the source, then we do not know the creator, please feel free to inform us if you are or know the creator of these images and we'll adjust the images as necessary! ♥


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