Trickery's 1st Birthday!

The first birthday since our launch on August, 15th, 2016 has flown by! What a super exciting (and crazy) year its been. We started with just 3 designs for our launch; The Witchcraft pendant, Prophecy pendant and Familiar ring. We were a tiny little fish in a wide ocean and it was a mission to gain visibility, but somehow we managed and we are ever growing!


Now we have almost 30 products including all designs in black or silver. We have made a tonne of new friends and have generated so much excitement within the alternative community with our unique and #magical designs. Our rings being shared around the net to 100,000's. We honestly can't thank our Trickster's enough for the support that we've been given. We've also rebuilt our website for a more dynamic and smooth experience and continue to strive for innovative modern features.


Although we are still very small, we still have huge dreams and goals ahead of us. We are in the mist of creating more exciting designs for our collection 'NOCTURNE' for our modern Vamps out there. We will be featured with the mag, Gothic and Amazing which we are dying over! We are also working on increasing our product selection, but shhh...more about that in a few months. We are always working hard with our followers and listening to feedback to create the perfect designs for them. We always appreciate a share or like on our social media, it helps us a great deal and we currently rely on it to get our brand out there, so if you haven't already, please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter and become part of our Trickster cult!


Take advantage of our 1st Birthday sale to summon your fave jewels with 20% off!


Trickery Birthday Sale


Here's to a new exciting year for Trickery and our Tricksters! ♥

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