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We've collaborated with our fave Witch Mellifere and her photographer Z.Vision to create these amazing photos featuring our designs. Mellifere is an alternative model from France and she exhumes an aura of the modern witch; powerful, dark and magical. We have some serious envy for her tattoos and wicked hair. 

Check out the amazing photographs and style of Z.Vision and Mellifere below.

Mellifere wearing the Witchcraft Pendant and Trickery rings

Witchcraft pendant, Coven and Huntress rings.

Mellifere wearing Trickery rings and the Witchcraft pendant.

Witchcraft pendant, Huntress, Embrace, Coven and Phase rings.

Mellifere wearing Trickery rings.

Witchcraft pendant and #Trickery rings

Mellifere wearing Trickery jewels.

Witchcraft Pendant, Huntress and Coven rings.

Mellifere wears Trickery jewels

Phase, Embrace and Huntress rings

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