Vampires and Demons

'Guardian' necklace, 'Huntress' and 'Coven' rings

She rose among us where we lay.
She wept, we put our work away.
She chilled our laughter, stilled our play;
And spread a silence there.
And darkness shot across the sky,
And once, and twice, we heard her cry;
And saw her lift white hands on high
And toss her troubled hair.

What shape was this who came to us,
With basilisk eyes so ominous,
With mouth so sweet, so poisonous,
And tortured hands so pale?
We saw her wavering to and fro,
Through dark and wind we saw her go;
Yet what her name was did not know;
And felt our spirits fail.

The Vampire
by Conrad Aiken

'Witchcraft' pendant, 'Familiar' and 'Coven' rings

We are ecstatic to be collaborating with La Esmeralda, a professional model based in Hamburg, Germany. She and her photography business Silver Pearl Photography created a series of images that certainly make a statement.

'Guardian' necklace

We are in love with these looks which are effectively dark and simple. It spoke of everything #Trickery stands for, Magic, Mystery and Mischief with demoness/vampire vibes.

'Witchcraft' Pendant, 'Phase' armour ring and the 'Coven' ring.

Witchcraft pendant, Coven and Familiar rings

You can find all of these #Trickery jewels HERE

'Guardian' necklace, 'Huntress' and 'Coven' rings

Check out La Esmeralda's pages and give her a follow:

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